Arapahoe Farm Townhomes is located in Fort Collins.

Project Specs
Type of Reconstruction: General Reconstruction
Cost of Repair: $2 Million
Full Project Description

The property chose Reconstruction Experts to complete their $2 Million repair and the team completed the project in early 2004. Some of the repairs that were completed for the project are listed above; however, each reconstruction project has a uniqueness that requires experience and creativity. For the Arapahoe Farm Townhomes, it was configuring parking accesses for the community’s residents. A large portion of the repairs consisted of removing and replacing the property’s asphalt and concrete in the parking areas. Our onsite team met individually with all the residents to configure access times during the reconstruction to ensure the safe use of the parking areas for all homeowners during the project.

• Asphalt
• Concrete
• Regrading
• Drainage Repair
• Exterior waterproofing
• Deck repairs
• Roof repairs
• Retaining wall repair