Project Specs
Type of Reconstruction: General Reconstruction
Cost of Repair: $950,000
Design Professionals: Professional Investigative Engineers
Full Project Description

In 2010 Reconstruction Experts contracted and worked with the Elk Run HOA at Copper Mountain, Colorado to complete repairs and upgrades to there exterior buildings and common areas. The HOA is at the base of Copper ski mountain which includes 6 buildings in a very tight and constricted area. During the project units were occupied by full time residents and by short term rentals in which Reconstruction Experts managed and coordinated all work around to complete the project on time and in a safe environment for residents and guest. The work include removal and replacement of the exterior building stone and stucco, new paint, new structural concrete columns with new framing, siding, and trim. In addition, new concrete driveways, new concrete drainage pans, new front and rear deck coatings and new metal powder coated stairs for the entire community. The owners at Elk Run selected RE as their contractor because of our knowledge and expertise with working in occupied areas and our experience with working with engineers, property managers, and HOA’s. We are proud to say that the owners of Elk Run are extremely pleased and happy with the work.

• EIFS / Siding Repairs
• Balcony Repairs
• Roof Repairs
• Stair Repairs
• Concrete Repairs (Sealant Specific)
• Landscaping Repairs
• Interior Aesthetic Repairs (Drywall, Texture, Paint)
• Microbial Remediation
• Onsite Trash/Parking Specifications