Heritage Townhomes, located in Westminster, Colorado consists of 42 buildings and 103 individual residences.

Project Specs
Type of Reconstruction: General Reconstruction
Cost of Repair: $3.2 Million
Full Project Description

In January 2010, Reconstruction Experts was chosen to repair the community. The deck removal and replacement was scheduled due to rotting and deteriorating deck structure. The roofing and stucco repairs addressed water management and drainage issues which compromised the roofing structure. For the mobilization of this repair, the decks were surrounded in scaffolding. The reconstruction team worked with each individual homeowner throughout the entire project to ensure that the intrusion to their lives was as minimal as possible by coordinating schedules and communicating all aspects of the building envelope repairs. Repairs were completed in November 2010.

• Asphalt and concrete repairs
• Civil Regrading
• Roofing and stucco repairs
• Deck removal and replacement with trex decking and custom trex railing
• Paint and Window sealing
• Civil
   - Regrading / Drainage
   - Landscaping Repairs