Heritage Village Owners Association is located in Golden, CO.

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Project Specs
Type of Reconstruction: General Large Scale Reconstruction
Cost of Repair: $3.4 Million
Full Project Description

In the Spring of 2007, the Board of Directors awarded Reconstruction Experts with the repair contract. Some of the repairs that were completed for the project are listed above; however, each reconstruction project has a uniqueness that requires experience and creativity. For the Heritage Village Owners Association, it was coordinating the asphalt and civil repairs. The civil repairs for the property were quite extensive in that the scope required a full removal and replacement of the driveways for the property; meaning, the homeowners could not access or park where they normally enter their units. To alleviate parking and access issues Reconstruction Experts phased the civil repairs working with each individual homeowner in finding parking solutions that would work with them and their schedule.

• Exterior Waterproofing (Building Envelope Repairs)
   - Exterior Fa├žade Removal & Replacement
   - Balcony Repairs
   - Window Removal & Resetting
• Civil
   - Regrading / Drainage
   - Landscaping Repairs
• Interior Aesthetic Repairs (Drywall, Paint & Texture)