Project Specs
Type of Reconstruction: Resort Remodel
Cost of Repair: $800,000
Owner: Grand Pacific Resorts
Full Project Description

San Clemente Cove is located in the historic Pier Bowl area of San Clemente overlooking the Pacific Ocean. RE has been involved in numerous repairs at San Clemente Cove since 2007 and is scheduled to continue additional remodels this year. Some of the repairs that were completed for the project are listed above; however, each reconstruction project has a uniqueness that requires experience and creativity. For the San Clemente Cove it was the construction schedule. It was important to abide by the rigorous schedule, due to the advantage of the resort closing for some of the repair and remodels. In order to maintain every schedule, RE provided the owners with the most efficient and cost effective schedules of repairs and consistently worked with management and facilities to keep open lines of communication. RE has always delivered exceptional remodels on time and on budget for the resort in the last four years.

• Structural repairs
   - Various dry rot and structural steel repairs
• Repairs and Improvements
   - Interior & extrerior paint
   - Stucco repair
   - Waterproofing at decks and planters
   - Bathroom remodel
   - Electrical and plumbing
   - Window and door replacement