In 2005 Reconstruction Experts contracted and worked with the Village Point HOA in Breckenridge, Colorado to complete repairs and upgrades to there exterior entrance walkways and common areas.

Project Specs
Type of Reconstruction: General Reconstruction
Cost of Repair: $2 Million
Full Project Description

The HOA complex is a tight and constricted property that includes 45 units built around 6 building common area entrances. During the project, units were occupied by full time residents and by short term rentals in which Reconstruction Experts managed and coordinated all work around to complete the project on time and in a safe environment for the residents and guests. The work included removal and replacement of the exterior building concrete walkways, new boilers and boiler rooms for the heated concrete walks, regarding, and new landscaping. The owners at Village Point selected RE as their contractor because of our knowledge and expertise with working in occupied areas and our experience with working with engineers, property managers, and HOA’s. We are proud to say that the owners of Village Point are very happy with the work and pleased with the finished product.

• Full overlot and site specific regrade
• R/R all siding & building paper
• Flash all windows and doors correctly
• Structural repairs to decks & stairs
• Removal of existing wooden walks and installation of heated/stamped concrete
• New Roofs w/ heated eaves, valleys & gutters
• HVAC repairs